Travel Savvy: How to Get More for Your Money

We all know that holidays tend to be a time of splurging on food, experiences and of course the travel itself. But as the value of the pound continues to drop and venturing abroad becomes a little more uncertain, any little saving is welcome. Despite the current economic climate, there are still numerous ways to make sure that your cash goes a little bit further without taking the fun out of ‘fun in the sun’.
Check out these travel-savvy tips to learn how you can bank on a little more saving.

Destination Savings

This might seem a little obvious, but when it comes to holiday savings, the chosen desti-nation is everything. Whether you’re planning for a weekend away or something long-haul, choosing where to go can be a key part in your saving success. The cost of a city break to Paris, for instance, is going to be considerably higher than, say, Turkey.

Think about switching from cities of central Europe to those in the East, such as Prague or Budapest. Dining out for two on a three-course meal in these less popular (though no less beautiful!) destinations can bag you a saving of at least £20. Plus, although alterna-tive city breaks are gradually becoming more popular, you’ll likely avoid the thronging crowds of tourists in these lesser-known cities.

Go All-Inclusive

Although some may turn their noses up at the all-inclusive holiday, there’s no doubt that when it comes to cutting spending these hassle-free getaways are king. With drinks and meals already paid for, you’re less likely to go over your planned budget on the extras such as meals out (or a few too many Pina Coladas).

Better yet, if you combine the all-inclusive travel with a destination outside of Europe such as Cancun or Turkey, you can find some unbelievable deals.

Clever Cards

No matter how good the intentions are, we all know that we’re going to splash out abroad. Whether it’s mementos for yourself, the souvenir shop or indulging in the local foodie scene, we’re more than likely to splash our cash a little more on holiday. Since most cards aren’t designed to be used abroad, this can rack up some nasty fees. Even drawing cash usually has a minimum withdrawal charge.

In this case, it’s definitely worth considering looking for a specialist credit card that allows fee-free withdrawals and spending. There are a few great options available, so do your research beforehand so those holiday indulgences come with a little less sting.

Explore with Confidence

Independent travellers who are keen to get under the skin of a destination will find hiring a car the best option for getting around. Make sure you’ve you signed up for car hire ex-cess insurance to guarantee savings on any unforeseen mishaps. As many people know, driving in some European countries can be an adventure in itself, so getting the best cover with car hire excess insurance is a must. It will give you peace of mind so that all you have to worry about is where you’ll be stopping for lunch.

Cashing in on the savings while on holiday is mainly about being savvy. From knowing the best places to find a cheap eat to making sure you’ve sorted your car hire excess insurance, these top tips are sure to help your cash go almost as far as you travel.

Author Plate Sam Walker is a specialist insurance expert at LowerHire, a company that offers low-cost single trip and annual multi-trip car hire ex-cess insurance policies. Travellers can rest easy knowing they will be fully protected against any hidden hire car costs and look forward to a stress-free rental experience.