Planning a Memorable Road Trip in the Canadian Rockies

A road trip in the Canadian Rockies can be a memorable one, since you get to experience the world’s most amazing sceneries and activities in the region. A drive through the vast chain of the mountains, which exclusively divides the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta, offers you the view of breathtaking sceneries such as peaks, rivers, streams, valleys and lakes located in these provinces.

The exclusive geography of Canadian Rockies allows you to experience the scenic beauty of the Liard River near their the northernmost point and absolute borders of Idaho and Montana in the vicinity of their the southernmost point. Moreover, the Rockies presents several attractions that fascinate tourists throughout the world not only to experience the explicit natural sceneries but also to enjoy several adventurous activities that are practiced in the region.

Popular National Parks in Canadian Rockies
The main feature of the Canadian Rockies is the existence of various national parks. The Canadian Rockies is an abode, prominently, for several national parks, namely, Waterton Lakes National Park, Yoho National Park, Jasper National Park, Banff National Park and Kootenay. All these parks are considered as outstanding destinations for sightseeing, adventure and photography, while on the road trip to this region.

Exclusive Provincial Parks in Canadian Rockies
Several worth-visiting provincial parks are also part and parcel of the Canadian Rockies. Mount Robson, the Hamber and Mount Assinibone provincial parks are mostly included as worth-seeing destinations in the road trip itinerary of the Canadian Rockies. Even a visit to the Burgess Shale is highly preferred by the tourists, while on a road trip journey here.

Exposure to Archeology and Paleontology
Planning a road trip to the Canadian Rockies facilitates you an explicit exposure to archeology and paleontology. Burgess Shale attracts several archaeology and paleontology fans due to the presence of several well-preserved fossils in it. Dinosaur Provincial Park and Royal Tyrrel Museum are ideal destinations for dinosaur enthusiasts worldwide. People get to view the remains of dinosaurs as well as miniatures of dinosaurs over here.

Fabulous Travel through Amazing Routes with Auto Insurance
There exist several driving routes through the exclusive Canadian Rockies that allow you to view explicit sceneries. The most famous Canada Highway #1route covers Yoho, Banff and Glacier National Parks. A drive through the Cariboo Highway #97 route allows you to experience a beautiful journey through elegant rivers and lakes of Cariboo plateau. A travel through Highway 16 offers to view exclusive waterfalls through Neckaho and Bulkley valleys.

It is always beneficial to travel with an auto insurance fthrough most of the routes in the Rockies. Whether you are renting a car or taking your own wheels out in the wild, a relevant insurance coverage can help you pursue a worry free holiday.

You need to organize a rental comprising expected kilometer used, vehicle preparation charges covering initial usage of propane and most significantly an insurance for the vehicle you are travelling in. Vacation Interruption Protection and Loss Damage Waiver are the two highly preferred auto insurances for traveling through the Rockies. Most of the eventualities, damages and even loss of your vehicle are covered by these insurances. These auto insurances are crucial for the damages due to ice or snow, hazards due to the animals and unexpected emergencies while traveling through the Canadian Rockies.

Apart from sightseeing, you can even plan to enjoy adventurous activities in the Canadian Rockies. Sports and activities like mountain climbing and river rafting offer you a thrilling experience. Mount Columbia and Mount Robson are the two most famous and among the highest mountain peaks present in the Rockies. You can even enjoy hiking in the Rockies as it offers you to view beautiful wildlife and nature in many areas of the Canadian Rockies.